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We facilitate sales for our distribution partners by discovering, contracting for and helping independent agents and brokers access new, often unique, creative products that meet evolving individual and group customer needs.

Our current portfolio includes:

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Fundamental Care

  • Limited-day, level-funded group health insurance
  • For employer groups of 5 or more
  • No deductible copay plans
  • Minimum participation 10%
  • 30% - 40% less than “Bronze” high deductible plans
  • ACA-compliant Minimum Essential Coverage (“MEC”)


  • Voluntary, core non-medical employee benefits:
    • life
    • dental
    • vision
    • short-term disability
  • Defined contribution plan
    • Employer determines monthly contribution per employee
    • Employees choose the benefits they need from the menu and pay the remainder by payroll deduction
  • Unique feature - online enrollment platform customized for each group
  • For employer groups of 10 or more
    • Employer determines the class (or classes) of eligible employees
  • No minimum participation requirements
  • No employee enrollment meetings
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance up to $100,000

Health Saver Plus Gold Edition

  • Robust limited medical health insurance alternative to ACA plans and Short-term Medical
  • For healthy individuals and families priced out of the ACA market
  • Fully-underwritten
  • No deductibles for outpatient medical expenses
  • 30% - 40% less expensive than ACA plans o $5 million life maximum benefits
  • Includes unlimited tele-medicine consultations

Wage Protector

  • Income protection to help meet short term critical financial obligations (for example, rent, mortgage, auto, child care, etc.)
  • Three-in-one coverage for:
    • Disability
    • Involuntary Job Loss
    • Re-employment at a lower income (unique to Wage Protector)
  • Availability extends to independent contractors and self-employed
  • Individual policies offered exclusively through sponsoring organizations
  • No minimum participation requirements
  • No cost to the sponsor