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The following list provides a sample of some of our specialty programs. Click the link to open the site in a new window.


Voluntary employee benefits plan

Florida Prepaid College Plan

Life insurance guaranteeing completion of a prepaid college plan

SingleCare - Health Care Savings

Free Card. Save on prescriptions, dental care, vision services and telemedicine (24/7 doctor consults by telephone).

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Balance for Cyclists

Personal accident insurance for bicyclists

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability data breach protection for small businesses

Hospital Deductible Insurance

Inpatient gap coverage supplementing high deductible health plans

Publisher Benefits Exchange Group

Employee benefits and human resources information for community newspapers

MEC Plus

Lower-cost alternative to Affordable Care Act coverage for employer groups

MEC Print Page

Turning 65

Medicare sign-up information and supplement policies

Health Care Security Ordinance Plan

Alternative HCSO-compliant benefit plan for San Francisco employers.